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Placemaking 101

What is placemaking? How can communities evaluate the success of their public spaces?

These questions and more are answered by the Project for Public Spaces at its Placemaking 101 website . Check out the site and learn about tools that your community can use to improve its public spaces.


Join the 2010 This Place Matters Community Challenge

Could your downtown benefit from bringing people, leaders, and preservation-minded folks together to express what places really matter to them? If so, then consider taking the This Place Matters Community Challenge. This campaign, sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, aims to help non-profit preservation organizations raise awareness and mobilize people and to start a conversation about what matters in your community – along with the chance to win a $25,000 cash award!

For more details visit the website and be sure to register your support by September 15.

Upcoming conference on waterfront development

Is your downtown situated on or near a waterfront? If so, how does your community make use of that amenity to strengthen its downtown? If the topic of waterfront development is of any interested to you or your downtown then consider attending the Placemaking & Sustainability Waterfront Synopsis conference in Stavanger, Norway next month.

This event will explore how multi-use facilities along waterfronts can improve downtowns, how good architecture and design can build stronger markets and local economies, and the need for establishing modern infrastructure to open up waterfronts and attract people to those areas.

The conference takes place September 15th – 17th and is hosted by the Nordic Urban Design Association (NUDA) and the Project for Public Spaces (PPS). This will be a great opportunity to learn about innovative approaches to incorporating waterfronts into downtowns. For more information, visit the website.