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Join the 2010 This Place Matters Community Challenge

Could your downtown benefit from bringing people, leaders, and preservation-minded folks together to express what places really matter to them? If so, then consider taking the This Place Matters Community Challenge. This campaign, sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, aims to help non-profit preservation organizations raise awareness and mobilize people and to start a conversation about what matters in your community – along with the chance to win a $25,000 cash award!

For more details visit the website and be sure to register your support by September 15.


Nominate Your Downtown as a Distinctive Destination Today!

Does your community deserve recognition for the character of its downtown, or its commitment to historic preservation, sustainability, and revitalization? If it does, then think about nominating your community as one of the Dozen Distinctive Destinations. Each year the National Trust for Historical Preservation honors twelve communities that strive to create a unique sense of place for their residents and visitors.

To learn more about this program and nominate a town or city, visit the website or contact Joelle Schatz at Applications are due by September 10th.