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October 20th Webinar

The 2011 Revitalizing Wisconsin’s Downtowns Webinar Series returns after the summer hiatus with the October 20th session entitled ” Attracting and Developing Small Downtown Industries“.  The session will be aired live from the Wisconsin Downtown Action Council’s 2011 Wisconsin Conference on Downtown Revitalization

Here is a brief  summary the session:

Small industries have always been an important part of downtown economies, providing downtowns with a built-in supply of customers and boosting building occupancy. With the internet putting a global customer base within the reach of small businesses, the time couldn’t be better for expanding downtowns’ small industrial base. This session will explore examples of districts throughout the country that are successfully attracting small industries and expanding existing ones.

Reminder that the October session will begin at 10:10 am, and not 8:00am like the previous two 2011 webinar sessions.